Currency conversion

Multicurrency payments

Fondy allows you to accept payments in 150+ currencies from 200+ countries worldwide and your customers to pay with their preferred currency. This option is time-saving for everyone as your customers don’t have any more to check with you the price of the goods or services in their local currency or try to find the currency exchange rate by themselves.

Currency conversion is the result of such payments, as your clients pay in their local currency and our mutual settlements with you are in hryvnias only in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation. Due to this, there may be a difference between the amount indicated on the payment page and the actual amount debited from the client account.

How does it work

For business

  1. Please specify the goods or services price in the client’s preferred currency during the payment instruments set up on your side.
  2. At the time of payment, Fondy receives the current conversion rate from the payment currency to the settlement currency. Please keep in mind that all mutual settlements within Ukraine can be made only in UAH in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation.
  3. The converted payment amount is settled to the merchant account in UAH by our commercial exchange rate, and then to your bank account deducting our standard processing fee.

For client

  1. Visiting the payment page for payment, the client sees the payment amount in the preferred local currency.
  2. The client will see the actual write-off amount with conversion data during the payment confirmation in online banking or 3D Secure page. The actual payment amount may exceed the payment amount, specified on the payment page, due to the issuing bank currency rate and its additional risk security fees.


The difference between the amount on the payment page and the actual write-off amount from the client account may be the result of a variance between the Ukrainian commercial exchange rate and the commercial exchange rate of the payer’s issuing bank. This variance can be up to 30%. It can also be higher by another 10% due to currency risk fees of the foreign banks during the currency operation process. They deliberately undervalue the UAH exchange rate to protect themselves from losses in case of a sharp exchange rate change during the payment process.

How to explain the difference

We have prepared an answer template for you to explain the difference in the payment amount:

The amounts differ due to the difference between the Ukrainian commercial exchange rate and the commercial exchange rate of your bank. Also, due to the war in Ukraine, some foreign banks may include currency risk fees for Ukrainian payment processes by undervaluing the UAH exchange rate. Unfortunately, this process is not under our control. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

How to decrease the difference

There are 2 options for how you can smooth over customer dissatisfaction due to the difference in amounts:

  1. You can partially refund the difference to the client after the payment. Yes, these are financial losses for your business, but this option will increase the loyalty of your clients and strengthen the company’s reputation in their eyes.
  2. Get in touch with the Fondy support service for an individual exchange rate set up for you. This option allows for reducing the difference between the amount on the payment page and the actual write-off amount debited from the client account by partially affecting your turnover.